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According to the American Cancer Society, as of July 2023, there are already an estimated 44,630 new cases of cancer in Washington state alone.
It is estimated that a third of those seeking chemotherapy and radiation treatments will suffer hair-loss as the result of their treatments.
To date, in Washington, there are less than twenty hair supply stores publicly advertised on Google Maps.
None of these vendors publicly offer human hair cranial prosthetics.
In cases where synthetic cranial prosthesis are sold, a large number of local retailers are peddling synthetic units to needy patients at astronomically inflated prices.
Normal fifty-dollar synthetic wigs have been documented as being sold to unsuspecting needy patients for upwards of six times their going internet value.
Patients simply are not being educated on the short lifespan of synthetic units.
To make matters worst, patients are often encouraged to purchase additional maintenance products and services advertised to preserve the appearance of their synthetic unit.
What these patients don’t realize is that nothing can preserve the appearance of a synthetic unit because at the end of the day it is comprised of synthetic fibers that degrade with daily styling and manipulation.
Most patients are lucky if the synthetic unit maintains its original integrity for more than six weeks. . Thus, bringing them right back to square one of their appearance dilemmas, and with less money in their wallet. The same can also be said for unsuspecting alopecia patients.
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Ahead of Beauty aims to not only be better.

We aim to do better.

 We believe that patients deserve better than these predatory sales practices. 

Our mission is to empower individuals with hair loss to regain their self-confidence and feel beautiful inside and out. Through our compassionate and innovative approach, we are revolutionizing the accessibility and affordability of wigs and other cranial prosthetics. 

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One of our key initiatives is our Affordable Access Program, which seeks to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford the full cost of a cranial prosthetic. Through this program, individuals can apply for a subsidy or receive discounted rates based on their income level. We firmly believe that financial constraints should never be a barrier to regaining one’s self-esteem. Click here for more information on how you can help support this program.


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